The Software Development Internship Program at Bigstep nurtures a hands-on learning environment. We take great pride in being a teaching company and it is a great opportunity for you to grow alongside an experienced and dynamic team.

Bigstep is a big data orchestration startup focused on high performance environments for artificial intelligence, machine learning and other large scale initiatives. Each member of our team will help shape the future of the big data and cloud market. The environment is entrepreneurial and fast moving so learning and adapting quickly is essential. We work daily with concepts and technologies such as: public and private cloud, application management and deployment, Spark, containers, Hadoop, NoSQL, data warehousing, infrastructure, and generally a constant stream of new technologies.

We’re young, highly skilled and highly motivated, we like challenges, and we get things done. We’re growing fast and we treasure working with talented people who share our values, our thirst for knowledge and our desire to achieve excellence.

Soldat Stefan Velicu, nr 43, sector 3

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Software Developer Intern
Soldat Stefan Velicu, nr 43, sector 3
Considering the fact that you will be working in the R&D department, you will be part of all our new and existing projects. You will: Use coding to produce understandable instructions. Perform revisions, repair, or expansion of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements. Develop and write computer programs using commonly…