Socializing Mobile app Start-up. Looking for Android partner or freelancer.

Pickapal is a mobile app where you find a partner for your favorite activity, right away.

When is it a good time to use Pickapal?

You just relocated to a new city and don’t have friends yet, or you are just visiting and want to find the best burger in town. This is the perfect way to discover the city: doing what you like, with a local.

The Overtime Job
You have a job that makes you stay in the office a lot, so you sort of neglected your social life. Next time you leave the office, post what you feel like doing a couple of hours in advance, and find someone to do it with.

Lone Wolf
You are getting bored over the weekend? The few friends you have are away? Why not meet new people this time?

Activity Freak
You like experimenting new activities? You want to see who else is into rock climbing in your city, or youíre into photography but need to learn it from someone who knows how it’s done? This is the chance to actually do it!

Fă-ți stagiul la Pickapal

Android Developer
Hi, we are Pickapal ! Pickapal is an early stage start-up, building the mobile app for finding people to do something fun with, right away. Whether you are traveling and want to find the best pizza place, feel like going out after a hard day’s work, need to find a pal to go to the…