CONSERT Project – Engineering Intern – Context IDE development
@Laboratorul AIMAS, UPB, în Splaiul Independentei nr. 313 Sector 6, Bucureşti, 060042


A central aspect of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) applications is user-centricity, i.e. adapting application behavior to user preferences and according to current user context (the current place, time, activity, etc).

As part of a national project, called CONSERT [1], a middleware is developed as a context management solution.

An important aspect of context-aware application development concerns itself with defining the „model” of the information being handled as „context” (which „entities” are involved in „contextual situations”, what are the meta-properties of a situation – like certainty, temporal validity -, existing information constraints etc.)

To easily create such models, a development environment is required.
In the CONSERT Project we have started the implementation of an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) based IDE [2] that supports basic representation of the CONSERT Meta-Model.

You will be involved in:

  • Understanding the CONSERT context meta-model and its realization as an ontology
  • Implement create/edit support for elements of the CONSERT Meta Model – annotations, constraints
  • Implement automatic RDF and Java code generation features that convert from the meta-model to an ontology and object-oriented form
  • Improve the existing IDE implementation by adding nice-to-have features such as code-highlighting, autocomplete, improved UI navigation

You will learn:

  • An introduction to the domain of Context Management
  • Java application and Rich Client Platform (RCP) development
  • Working knowledge of semantic web technologies and frameworks: RDF, Ontologies, Apache Jena, RDFBeans




  • Currently pursuing a BA or MSc degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Be driven and have a proactive approach to problem solving
  • Good Java programming skills

  • Familiarity with Semantic Web technologies (e.g. RDF representation, Ontologies) is a plus

  • Demonstrated extra curricular activities & projects are a plus


  • Good compensation package
  • Flexible schedule (work from home partly allowed)
  • Office located in PRECIS building of UPB
  • Participation in a national research project and the opportunity to be involved in further national and european projects managed by UPB
  • Support towards writing an academic paper based on obtained results

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