User Interface Communicator for TiVo STB
@Ness Digital Engineering, în Iași County, Romania


Here is what you’ll get to do:

  • Work with UI Designers, Software & QE Engineers – don’t worry if you have not seen these highly specialized individuals before;
  • Gain experience on managing User Interface specifications – it’s actually more interesting than it sounds, loads of pretty pictures …
  • Get to understand what people do in a Product Development company – brace yourself!
  • Write and maintain, detailed written UI specifications – hopefully your English is not just good, but very good and you are aware of the differences between AmE and BrE.


Here is what you’ll need to be successful:

  • Clear & organized writing – hopefully writing essays is your strong suit;
  • Above average attention to details – noticed the four misspelled words?
  • Analytical thinking – we’re leaving in a complex world with complex problems;
  • Pretty good communication skills;



  • A personalized induction in the world of TiVo;
  • Be part of a young team, not that being part of an old team is not a benefit …
  • Fresh fruits and beverages to keep you healthy and awake;
  • Fun room and various team bonding activities as we believe our strength is in our unity.

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